Field Force Tracking

Advances in technology have dramatically improved the reliability and accuracy of tracking and navigation services. Also efficient management of user’s mobile assets and vehicle fleet has become a vital part of business. Keeping this in mind Shyam’s Field Force Tracking solution offers managed services that can embrace tracking and navigation for all mobile assets.  With its innovative Devices and Software integrated, the system increases visibility of Vehicles, Assets, Employees and Consignments. It quickly enables to view data, such as how long a vehicle and driver have been on the road, vehicle idle time, location, speed and journey time.

Field Force Tracking provides fully scalable platforms suitable for any fleet size, number of assets or employees. Real-time, location-based information improves distribution, supply-chain and field service management operations, while enhancing customer service through improved visibility, cost control and reliability.


  • Fleet Management
  • Asset and Employee Management
  • Vehicle Tracking

Features & Benefits

  • Real time monitoring: Built-in GPS technology enables users to track the exact location of vehicles, employees or assets. A web-based interface provides user with up-to-date maps, tailored reporting, and the ability to calculate journey times and the estimated arrival time.
  • Route optimization: Tracking systems enable you to analyze journey information, helping user to plan routes more efficiently.  Thus helps in Fleet Management capabilities to assist in managing overall mobile worker productivity.
  • Safety measures: A panic alert facility enables mobile employees to raise an alarm if they think they are in danger.
  • Geofencing: Alerts can be triggered automatically, through geo-fencing, when vehicles or employees move out of their expected zone or enter areas that are known to be potentially hazardous, improving the safety of vehicles and employees.
  • Improve efficiency:  By comparing planned vs. actual work done per day
  • Improve workforce, vehicle and asset utilization.
  •  Reduced administration and operational costs


Vehicle Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System: Application Software

Shyam creates GPS-supported integrated networked transport and logistics solutions to ensure safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly vehicle management and transport plan monitoring. VTS is a data hub where all indications from the vehicles are received, stored in a database and processed for access via a web frontend.


  • Group Management
  • Unit Management
  • Group Management
  • Unit Management
  • User Management
  • User Privileges
  • Geofence and Track Manager
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Monitoring
  • PDA application
    • Blue force tracking
    • Find address
    • Find nearest group unit
    • Send and receive notifications/messages
    • Chat with user or any other unit Reporting