The key to success in any military operation is the ability for soldiers at the combat level to directly influence their situation, in real time, through decisive actions based upon a common tactical picture and accurate situational awareness.

Shyam’s specialized products assist defense authorities, and allow combat units to monitor, analyze, communicate and react effectively to the rapidly changing combat environment. Such improved capability directly and significantly enhances mission success in terms of survivability, maneuverability and lethality.

Shyam’s products include Unattended Ground Sensors and covert cameras, scattered throughout the battlefield or mission critical areas, hence enhancing the full scale situational awareness with round the clock surveillance.

Shyam has envisioned the criticality of Common Operational Picture at the times of military operations to all the verticals in defense organizations, hence providing the field officers with handhelds along with large scale command and control centers empowered by software applications especially fabricated according to defense organizations’ needs.

Shyam also understand the necessity of a robust communication platform indifferent from the kind of terrain, degree of remoteness and unavailability of communication mediums and address the need with its Military GSM product.