Shyam’s Scout Camera is a small and rapidly deployable, fully autonomous, ruggedized camera surveillance system, triggered by movement detected by the integral PIR detector. Each scout camera incorporated in the mesh network is able to operate as an individual node, enabling data from all other Shyam surveillance units.

Upon detection of intrusion from the Integrated PIR the camera is triggered to take snapshot picture(s) of the intrusion within its Field Of View (FOV), & transmits these images back to the ReDIX C2 (Shyam’s realtime field data presenttion and analysis tool) through the mesh network. The snapshot image is digitally compressed to compact size to be optimally transmitted on sub-1GHz mesh networks.

Visual imagery is an important capability required for effective Identification of remote activities in tactical battlefields as well as in dense urban environments. The robust and scalable software interface, ReDIX, is built to provide a ubiquitous and holistic COP and enables Scout Camera to be adapted to various geographies, terrains, weather, and mission situations. Scout Camera components are designed to use minimal operating power while maximizing battery life, enabling missions of up to three months without power source replacement. All components of the Scout Camera are designed to eliminate the need for mechanical movement, ease of concealment, and reduce the probability of system detection.

Features & Benefits

Covert Camera with Integrated PIR

  • Realtime Snapshot Image(s) over Secure Wireless Network
  • Mil Grade System
  • High Performance/Size/Weight Ratio
  • Low Operating Power; Long Mission Operational Capability
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Embedded GPS Capability
  • Basic Man/Machine Interface
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Mesh Network and Repeater/Gateway Functionality
  • GPIO Ports To Connect to Other Actuators/Action Elements
  • Ease of Integration into Other Systems / Networks
  • Magnetometer & Microphone
  • GPS for Self-Locating Functionality

REDIX: Application Software

Mission Areas

  • Situational Awareness
  • Counter-Insurgency Operations
  • Border and Perimeter Security
  • Persistent Surveillance
  • Target Recognition
  • Urban Operations