August 30th, 2012, Thursday – Gurgaon, India – Keeping in mind, the challenging requirement of the security industry, Shyam Networks Limited has unveiled SM200 Falcon Series Network Camera in order to enable seamless surveillance capabilities for the end customers.

Shyam’s Falcon Series cameras are intelligent indoor/outdoor megapixel cameras, ideal for securing locations such as parking lots, loading docks, gas stations, entry/ exit gates, city surveillance, industrial plants, etc.

These high end megapixel network cameras are meant for indoor/outdoor surveillance requiring professional monitoring capabilities. This series of network cameras are equipped with removable IR cut filters to adapt to changing light qualities within the video.

“As security is one of the most dynamic segments, it changes according to the unique needs of verticals such as defence, retail, etc. We are positioning our Falcon series of network camera as an enabling device to drive seamless surveillance for our customers. It has some unique features such as 5 megapixel sensor and video resolution up to 1080p, Power over Ethernet etc. We are confident that this will usher in a new era of security and provide better assurance to our customers,” explained, Mr Nafis Kazim, COO, Shyam Networks Ltd.

SM200 Series Falcon Network Cameras

Shyam’s Falcon Series network cameras, with their smart and functional design, offer high-quality megapixel video, yet are affordable as a video surveillance solution. Using H.264 streaming, they are supported on low bandwidths while offering high quality compression using the latest algorithms.

Multiple H.264, MPEG4 and Motion JPEG streams can be provided simultaneously, individually optimized for different quality needs and
bandwidth constraints. The Falcon SM200 cameras support single, dual &
triple streaming modes.

For easy and flexible installation, Falcon SM200 cameras support wired connectivity. Shyam’s Falcon series are PoE enabled cameras and are easily deployed in many challenging environments using a minimum of wiring. The Falcon Series of cameras feature built-in micro SD card slots, enabling local storage of recording of video as a backup to remote network storage.

About Shyam Networks Limited (SNL)

Fostering leadership in self reliant India through IP creation and innovation,
established in 1974, the Shyam group specializes in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated telecommunications equipment for a wide
range of applications.

Shyam’s 35 years of expertise in telecommunications is at the core of their solutions for security, surveillance and strategic communication networks for military, homeland security, and disaster management applications, along with a wide range of other industrial and civil application scenarios.

In India, Shyam leads in the design, development, and manufacturing of solutions and products in the security and surveillance domain including high definition cameras and imaging, sophisticated video analytics, powerful radio backhaul and transmission, unattended ground sensors (UGS), situation awareness systems, secure GSM, and wireless internet and intranet for sensitive military deployments. Shyam has expertise in developing customized solutions for military applications anywhere in the world.


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