S9000: Hawk Network Camera

Shyam’s Hawk PTZ cameras are an ideal solution for in-ceiling, indoor/outdoor pendant installation. Its integrated design, Al-alloy outer cover & 6-inch transparent back box makes it unique in its product type. Its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature gives you quality real time video even in varying lighting conditions (both dark and brightly lit parts in video). Hawk PTZ IP cameras are ideal for securing locations such as big industrial plants, city surveillance, large open areas, perimeter security, entry/exit gates, etc.


  • Shyam’s Hawk network cameras, with their optical zoom and digital zoom, offers clear visibility even at longer distances.
  • Multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG streams can be provided simultaneously, individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints.
  • The camera comes with day/night functionality which allows greater performance in low light conditions.
  • It is equipped with an on screen display (OSD) menu, which security personnel set to display lens zoom, orientation, date, time, week, internal temperature, user title, preset settings, etc.
  • In Hawk cameras, settings can be changed both by software address or hardware address.
  • WDR functionality enable the cameras perform under complex light conditions.
  • The camera comes with wall bracket mount and power connectors for easy and faster installation.
  • Audio supported functionality.