Shyam’s Kite SM100 offers intelligent megapixel camera, ideal for securing locations such as small businesses, offices, corporations, shops, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and residences. These flexible and reliable camera offer bestin-class HD megapixel image quality and professional monitoring capabilities.


  • Shyam’s Kite SM100 network camera, with it’s smart and functional design, offer high-quality megapixel video for an affordable video surveillance solution. Using H.264 streaming, it is supported on low bandwidth and offers the high quality compression with the latest algorithms.
  • Multiple H.264, MPEG4 and Motion JPEG streams can be provided simultaneously, individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints. Shyam Kite SM100 supports single, dual & triple streaming modes.
  • For easy and flexible installation, the Shyam Kite SM100 camera support wireless or wired connectivity. Shyam’s Kite SM100 is PoE enabled camera and can be easily deployed in challenging environments with a minimum of wiring.
  • CS mount lenses are supported in the Kite SM100. This gives maximum deployment options for the camera, within corporations, public facilities, government offices, residential, etc.