SM200: Falcon Network Camera

Shyam’s Falcon SM200 camera is intelligent indoor/outdoor megapixel camera, ideal for securing locations such as parking lots, loading docks, gas stations, entry/exit gates, city surveillance, industrial plants, etc. These high end megapixel network camera is meant for indoor/outdoor surveillance requiring professional monitoring capabilities. Shyam’s Falcon camera is equipped with removable IR cut filters to adapt to changing light qualities within the video.


  • Shyam’s Falcon SM200 network camera, with their smart and functional design, offer high-quality megapixel video, yet is affordable as a video surveillance solution. Using H.264 streaming, it is supported on low bandwidths while offering high quality compression using the latest algorithms.
  • Falcon SM200 offer high-quality megapixel video with 4x and 18x optical zoom capability. 4x zoom makes the SM202 and SM242 cost effective as well as enabling a wide range of applications where zoom is required for video analysis.
  • Multiple H.264, MPEG4 and Motion JPEG streams can be provided simultaneously, individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints. The Falcon SM200 camera support single, dual & triple streaming modes.
  • For easy and flexible installation, Falcon SM200 camera support wireless or wired connectivity. Shyam’s Falcon is PoE enabled camera and is easily deployed in many challenging environments using a minimum of wiring.
  • The Falcon SM200 features built-in micro SD card slots, enabling local storage of recording of video as a backup to remote network storage.