SM500: Roller Network Camera

Shyam’s Roller SM500 network camera is night vision high end megapixel cameras. These cameras are engineered with built-in IR inside an IP 66 housing which makes it a perfect solution for outdoor surveillance. These cameras are ideal for city surveillance, industries, mines, parking, entry/exit gates, hospitals, borders, hotels and housing societies, etc.. Its integrated and powerful IR illuminators with mechanical IR cut filter gives clear vision in zero light conditions. These cameras are ready to use in outdoor environments and can be deployed without any additional outdoor casing.


  • Shyam’s Roller SM500 network camera, with it’s smart, functional design, offer high-quality megapixel video, yet are an affordable video surveillance solution. Using H.264 streaming, it is supported on low bandwidth and offers high quality compression using the latest algorithms.
  • Built-in IR illuminator enables the capture of HD video, which is crystal-clear at night time in zero light conditions.
  • Built-in 4x optical zoom enables clear and closer view of the object for advance analysis.
  • For easy and flexible installation, Roller SM500 network camera support wireless or wired connectivity. Shyam’s Roller Series are PoE enabled and are easily deployed in challenging environments with a minimum of wiring.
  • Roller cameras feature built-in micro SD card slots, enabling local storage of recording of video as a backup to remote network storage.