Shyam’s Starling camera is megapixel camera especially designed for e-witness, rescue operations and warfronts. These high end megapixel cameras are meant for e-witness and other operations requiring professional monitoring capabilities. Shyam’s Starling camera can easily be mounted on helmet or can be used as a standalone camera.


  • Shyam’s Starling camera with its rugged design and professional video capability, offers high quality megapixel video on the move.
  • Its low bandwidth and high quality compression, makes it an ideal for streaming live video footage on wireless.
  • Inbuilt micro SD card slot and its support for 16GB memory, allows the camera to record megapixel quality video, on the board itself.
  • Shyam’s Starling camera can easily be mounted on wearable helmet and can be used for e-witness of military and police operations.
  • Its USB and Ethernet communication interface provides it an edge over other network and standalone cameras.
  • Its built-in motion detection feature alerts or sends alarm in control room as soon as it detects motion in the video.