With a rise in demand for the communication in both urban and rural areas it has become essential to extend voice and LAN services to those locations where deployment of wired connection i.e. fixed lines are unavailable or more expensive than wireless connections.

Shyam Radio products deploys reliable, high-speed & secure wireless connections between multiple remote locations through high-capacity Point-to-Point and Point to Multipoint links. Available in in a wide range of frequency bands and configurations, it covers a distance of up to 40 km.

Shyam’s Carrier Grade Radio System incorporates the latest technologies such as MIMO, OFDM and Diversity bundled with proprietary protocols. The solution ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime. The solutions can also be installed in Multiple Point-to-Point architecture. The solution is available in Multiple Data Rate Options


  • Carrier Grade Performance: Carrier Grade Radio System ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime reducing operational expenses and revenue loss due to service disruption.
  • Rapid Deployment: This solution is provided as a Plug-and-Play Solution for rapid deployment. Dismantling & redeployment of the unit is speedy as well.
  • Optimized Transmission Cost: Control transmission cost by avoiding the need to use fiber and leased lines. Significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Single Integrated Voice and Data Solution: Provide a single voice and data link for customers. The revenue generating potential for this application is immense.
  • All-Weather Reliability: The system is outdoor capable and rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is maintenance free.
  • License Exempt Frequency Options with Security: The 2.4 and 5.8 GHz solution is regulation friendly as it operates in the license exempted frequency bands with secure encryption that eliminate recurring leased line charges and regulatory delays.