RM 24/58: P2P and P2MP Radio

Networks today have historically grown with dedicated line service between facilities and applications supporting voice, data, and/or video to meet day-to-day communication requirements of enterprises, municipalities and service providers delivering advanced and on demand IP-based voice, video and data applications. Further, theses dedicated line services provided dedicated speed, convenience, and security however, it came at a premium cost for such services. With the maturity of wireless communication architectures and solutions, technology today can provide ample speed, enhanced convenience, and the appropriate wireless security without the high reoccurring costs of dedicated line services

Shyam’s Point-to-Multipoint solutions streamline the development, deployment, enhancement and extension of advanced IP-based wireless broadband networks. They excel at delivering ubiquitous high-speed connectivity and state-of-the-art services, and are currently helping drive successful business models to multiple residential, businesses, institutional and municipal locations.


  • Carrier Grade Performance: Carrier Grade Radio System ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime reducing operational expenses and revenue loss due to service disruption.
  • OFDM Technology: Support operations in cases where there is no line-of-sight availability.
  • Rapid Deployment: This solution is provided as a Plug-and-Play Solution for rapid deployment. Dismantling & redeployment of the unit is speedy as well.
  • Optimized Transmission Cost: Control your transmission cost by avoiding the need to use fiber and leased lines. Significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Sensible Business Case: The unit directly contributes to your bottom line as it offers the most cost-effective way to provide high bandwidth as well as network expansion.
  • Single Integrated Voice and Data Solution: Provide a single voice and data link for customers. The revenue generating potential for this application is immense.
  • All-Weather Reliability: The system is outdoor capable and rugged enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is maintenance free.
  • License Exempt Frequency Options with Security: 
  • The 2.4 and 5.8 GHz solution is regulation friendly as it operates only in the license-free frequency bands with secure encryption that eliminate recurring leased line charges and regulatory delays.