The security of airports, banks, offices, businesses, government bodies, critical infrastructure and other public utilities is becoming increasingly important. As new installations take full advantage of the benefits that operating over the network brings, and as this trend continues, it is bringing with it new possibilities of integration that can deliver enhanced functionality to a host of applications. Shyam’s security portfolio encompass to a broad range from  keeping unwanted visitors outside, surveillance and monitoring of fixed and movable infrastructure and assets to finding out who is where at any time.

With our innovative approach to security system integration we provide intelligently designed solutions to ensure ease of management of complete solutions and deliver a proactive approach to security incidents with comprehensive forensic capabilities.  Our main focus is to act as an end to end technology solution provider.

  • Innovation: Multiple smart components integrated to create more robust, more flexible, and more responsive solution.
  • Commitment: Wealth of experience and depth of offerings, with a flexible approach to accommodate existing systems and integrating them with advanced intuitive systems to create solution of the future.
  • Making safety and security operations stronger, smarter, and able to respond more intuitively in an intelligent manner.
  • Balance between the consideration for security and customer friendliness
  • Design Advantage: Comprehensive planning to design a consistent and flexible solution which along with integration of existing sub-systems, has the ability to remain dynamic for the future.