The sophistication and complexity in crimes and terrorism is increasing day by day and to counter such situations, there must be measures of more profound nature. The major concerns are security of critical infrastructure, round the clock surveillance, technical assistance to carry out missions in field and a common operational picture to create an understanding of situation and make decisions accordingly.

Critical information is spread in multitude across various databases and systems, administrative authorities require the medium and technology to aggregate all of that information to one central system. In extension to this analytical tools and expertise are required to filter out and manage the critical part of information and link-up the various pieces of data and show a common operational picture and develop proper conclusions for appropriate decision making. Featuring powerful real-time analytical and operational capabilities, Shyam’s solution for homeland security guarantees the retrieval and processing of operational data quickly.

Surveillance Vehicle at a Sporting Event

Besides strengthening just the homeland authorities would not solve the purpose completely, a city wide surveillance and smarter communication system is must for effective security of public and property. Crime and many other threats to public safety and infrastructure are a constant in the world’s urban areas. Shyam brings a wide range of security and surveillance systems along with Wi-Fi based wireless connectivity. Based on the latest technology, Shyam’s solutions are easily expandable, combat various threats and make people feel safer. The biggest advantage from the administration point of view is that the entire security system, comprising of cameras, access control, and other sensor-based solutions are to be monitored and controlled from a centralized location.

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