The objective of airport security is to safeguard passengers, crew, aircraft, ground personnel, the general public, and airport infrastructure against unlawful acts and reassure the travelling public of their safety. Government agencies recognize the urgent need to enhance airport security in response to heightened threat perceptions. They require cost-effective and reliable solutions to complement security personnel in accordance to internationally accepted norms.

Shyam’s security and surveillance solutions for airports address multiple requirements and stringent global standards of airport safety and security. Secure data transfer at high speed, video surveillance and analytics, perimeter protection, sensors and people and asset tracking are all supported by a single cost-effective wireless communication platform from Shyam.


  • Wireless Connectivity & Broadband: Shyam’s Wi-Fi solution provides high capacity and seamless wireless connectivity at the airport. The Wireless LAN (WLAN) platform can be used as a transport carrier for any kind of IP traffic at the airport; for example, connecting the IP cameras with the control room, connecting RFID controllers to the central software, public announcement system connectivity, and Internet connectivity at the airport.
  • Video Analytics: Video analytics algorithms are used on live or recorded video for providing the intelligence to the system. Shyam’s intelligent video analytics algorithms are used for detecting any kind of intrusion or breach in the restricted area. Video Analytics Applied at Railway Stations:
      • Abandoned Baggage
      • Detection Perimeter
      • Protection Missing
      • Object Detection
      • People Counting
      • Parking Lot Management
      • Intrusion Detection
  • High Definition Security Camera:  Shyam provides IP-based High Definition Surveillance & Monitoring solutions for airports. With the help of megapixel cameras, one can monitor the entire airport in real time from a single or multiple points of contact. Further, these security cameras monitor, prevent, and track any suspicious activity at the airport. Video streams from the cameras can be recorded for later use.
  • Perimeter Protection: Shyam’s Perimeter Security System is a powerful intruder deterrent.It improves observation & detection results with high detection level and low false alarm rate. Key Features:
      • Visual & Physical Deterrent to Intruder
      • Shock, Voltage & Short Circuit Monitoring
      • Cut & Climb Monitoring Controller
      • Continuous Monitoring
      • Interfaces with Standard Security Equipment
  • People And Asset Tracking: Shyam’s RFID Access Control and Personnel Tracking System can help to assure the security of restricted areas in airports, such as flight lines, baggage handling areas, customs, passport control, employee lounges, and other sensitive areas. With this system, only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas.
  • Access Control: With Tags, it is easier to track the availability of railway personnel. TheseTags are also used to prevent unauthorized access to critical assets at the railway station.
  • IP Public Address: Shyam’s Public Address System can be used to make public announcements at airports and can be integrated with passenger information display systems for displaying train information. The public address system is inter-connected by the networking infrastructure for loss-less transmission.
  • GSM PBX: Shyam offers a GSM-PBX system, which is deployed at airports to provide coverage and capacity to airport staff. The product combines the whole BSS (BSC + BTS’s) and MSC functionality into a single box.
  • Parking Management: Parking lots benefit greatly from the security provided by video surveillance. The cameras cover the entry and exit points as well as provide constant footage of the area inside the parking lot and issues an alarm when a threat is identified. This prevents any theft or suspicious activity in that area.