Thermonuclear Plant

Due to the extreme security and safety risks involved with the industry, thermonuclear power plants must be completely secure while allowing effective daily operations and maintenance. In performing risk assessment, managers need to consider the various challenges from a technological and human intervention perspective.

Any attempt or incident that compromises the safety and security of a thermonuclear plant can result in leakage of radioactive material into the atmosphere. The contamination from a radiation leak may not just be isolated within the plant zone, but may spread to surrounding areas with disastrous consequences.

Built to perform in extreme environments, Shyam offers an integrated solution for thermonuclear plants with secure data transfer at high speed, video surveillance and analytics, perimeter protection, sensors and people and asset tracking – all supported by a single cost-effective wireless communication platform.


  • Wireless Connectivity & Broadband
  • Video Analytics
  • High Definition Security Camera
  • Access Control
  • People And Asset Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Perimeter Protection
  • IP Public Address System