Infrastructure Protection

Threats to critical assets in a wide range of sectors continue to emerge and evolve, as does the complexity and interdependency of seemingly independent systems. The ability to protect infrastructure against these threats—both intentional and accidental—is a challenging task.

The challenges and opportunities associated with critical nodes of the energy, transportation, communications, and utilities industries are varied and wide-ranging, and will evolve over time, given the nature of threats. Shyam adopts a thorough risk-based approach and a sound system of stakeholder communications to address dynamic threats and conditions with its end to end integrated solutions.

Shyam has a broad range of scalable solutions for Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance and People and Asset Tracking and seamlessly integrates these components to allow more effective and efficient management of security operations. We install, integrate, monitor and maintain a wide variety of electronic security systems.  These systems are designed in collaboration with clients and customized to meet their specific security or business needs. The key considerations are:

  • Reliability: Products from an experienced leader in telecommunication with a proven performance on thousands of projects.
  • Expandability: Based on native TCP/IP Ethernet communications ensures that the system is able to expand as requirements expand.
  • Multi-Site Management: Allows management from a single location, to a multi-building campus or a global solution covering any number of facilities with single or multiple operator stations.
  • Integration of Third Party technologies: Integration with existing technologies via industry standard interface.
  • Multi Application Devices: Unique range of multi functional devices allows advance integrated applications


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