PATS – People and Asset Tracking System

Shyam’s PATS is an integrated application and end-user business interface for tracking, mapping, alerting, controlling access, messaging, reporting, and managing real-time location, sensor and status information enterprise wide.

PATS gives administration and management real-time visibility to the location and status of equipment, inventory, staff members and other critical assets anywhere within the enterprise. Another important part is access control via short range reads at the entry/exit points. Whether it’s a large Office or spread out indoor premises, PATS is the only solution to provide a comprehensive view on single panel. Access permissions can be governed for groups and individuals enterprise wide varying from common areas to highly restricted zones. It is the cornerstone of a system that helps organizations worldwide to improve their overall efficiency of operations, and enhance safety and security within their work environments.

Key component of the PATS solution are PATS Real-time Controller (PRC), PATS Reader (PTR), Coordinators, Tags and RTLocate Software.


PATS Application Software Dashboard

This software is a single point to measure and manage your critical assets and work-flow processes across the enterprise – both in multi-building and multi-campus environments with the help of customizable dashboards and shows all the tagged assets and person over the floor plan mapped into the software.

The primary access is controlled on three dimensions – User, Area and Time. This answers the three fundamental questions – Who, Where and When. In addition, a range of value-added features like Anti Pass Back, Blocked Users, Door Auto Relock etc. ensure fool-proof security of manpower and material.


Floor plan with Tracked objects

  • Trace the exact path followed by any person in the organization premises.
  • View the detailed report on time spent by any entity in any specific area.
  • Define the boundaries for any person or asset and get instant alert in breach.
  • Get customized dashboard to manage Workers, Visitors, and Equipment etc.
  • Instant health alerts of the system like battery, power and sabotage.




Retail Outlets

Shyam PATS provides many opportunities to enhance revenue and boost customer satisfaction in the retail sector. PATS, enables a variety of options for retail suppliers to add high quality Tagging to their product offering with minimal cost and disruption to the manufacturing process. Access to more accurate and frequent inventory data for both retailers and vendors improves product availability and reduces inventory costs.

Promotional display deployment tracking ensures high-impact marketing and high ROI on marketing. Shyam Asset tracking applications ensure efficient capital usage, also Brand authentication technology enables a proficient method for ensuring that a high-value product is ensured and accurate billing is followed. Measures against Theft control can be effectively implemented with the help of Shyam PATS.


  • Asset Tracking
  • Promotional Tracking
  • In-Store Inventory Management
  • Products Management
  • Inventory Visibility in the Supply Chain



Toll Collection

Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a technology enabling the electronic collection of toll payments. This system is capable of determining if the car is registered or not, and then informing the authorities of toll payment.

The Shyam’s tolling solution includes comprehensive enforcement systems and central systems as well as offers technical operation and maintenance services.


  • Convenient toll collection without handling cash.
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification
  • Reduction of management costs.    
  • Eradicates Nonpayment and jamming
  • Convenient and quick service to the Vehicle Owners
  • Smooth traffic flow at toll gates


Hospital Management

Hospital Management with PATS

Shyam’s PATS can be used to track patients, doctors and expensive equipment in Hospitals. Tags can be attached to the patients, so their movement can be monitored continuously. Critical and essential medical equipment can be easily tracked using Shyam’s People and Asset tracking system.


  • Continuously track each patient’s location
  • Monitor and track unauthorized persons who are loitering around high-threat areas
  • Track the location of expensive and critical instruments and equipment
  • Track the location of doctors and nurses in the hospital
  • Restrict access to drugs, pediatrics, and other high-threat areas to authorized staff


PATS Reader, Asset Tag & People Tag