Perimeter Protection

Shyam’s PeriBar 1000 is a stand-alone, small scale, perimeter intrusion detection system, for protection of sites with a perimeter of up to 1000 meters. The system is designed to psychologically and physically deter, delay and detect the intrusion attempts.

The unique technology embodied in PeriBar 1000 revolutionizes existing vibration detection technology. The system detect movements caused by any attempt of climbing or cutting the existing fence, breaking through a wall or cutting through a window. The sensitivity and parameters of each individual sensor is programmed using Shyam’s proprietary PeriBar Application Software.

Based on Shyam’s Patented Vibration Perimeter Fence Sensor technology, the PeriBar 1000 solution incorporates a Single Chip Microprocessor that allows it to detect exact location of an intrusion to within 3 – 5 meters (10 – 15 ft.) of whole perimeter and extremely low False Alarm Rate (F.A.R.). The sensor is adapted to most metal fabric fences, such as chain link, razor wire or welded mesh. It has an ability to identify the exact disturbed sensor along a long chain of sensors, which are typically 3 – 5 meters (10 – 15 ft.) apart.


  • VSN-WD: This is the primary sensor and multiple sensors are connected to create a perimeter.
  • VSIU-WD: This is the interface and aggregation unit for the sensors; it can support two segments of 200 sensors each. It interfaces to the sensors on one side via RS485 interface (South Bound) and the Monitoring and Control Centre Unit on the other side via Ethernet or Wireless interface (North Bound).
  • MCCU: The monitor and Control Centre Unit interfaces with multiple VSIU’s over Ethernet /Wireless interface, it collects the data from all the sensor segments and processes/logs the data further for alarm generation and triggering an action in response to the alarm like moving the camera towards the location where intrusion is detected.


PERIMON Application Software

Shyam’s PeriBar application software is designed to detect, classify and locate events along large linear assets with sufficient accuracy and early warning to enable corrective action to be put in place to prevent damage and cost occurring.

PeriBar software provides unprecedented levels of around the clock situational awareness of the assets you wish to protect in order to prevent damage from Third Party Interference, whether intentional or accidental.


Perimon Application Software

  • Intelligent software effectively minimizes nuisance alarms.
  • Integrate with other platforms such as CCTV.
  • Live view of perimeter on Map.
  • View alarms with the help of appropriate icons at accurate location of disturbance on Map.
  • Configurable Alarm types
  • Multiple Sites in a single instance can be configured
  • Manage Old and Current Alarms
  • Device Configuration
  • Reports and Alarms occurrence History.
  • Video Matrix for the Live video feed from the cameras installed near perimeter.
  • Sensor Line Management.
  • Configurable Sensitivity.
  • Assign sensors to Groups and Zones.