In-Vehicle Surveillance

The increasing use of mass transit systems and public transport in urban areas has lead to a greater need for security for passengers and personnel on public transportation systems. As a result, there is an increasing demand for effective surveillance systems on public transport vehicles. Shyam offers IP based surveillance solutions to help transport authorities meet their security goals.

Whether for In-Vehicle Surveillance or internet services to on-board passengers, or ticketing, voice announcement, RFID based access control system and black-box systems interfacing, the Shyam In-Vehicle Surveillance solution works wherever there is mobile data coverage and supports 2G, 3G and 4G cellular wide area networks (WANs) including HSPA, EV-DO.

The backhaul-agnostic system supports two embedded modems in PCI express mini card form factor. These modems operate in tandem providing concurrent backhaul connections that can be configured for failover between different carriers, for independent connections dedicated to Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces respectively, or in a load balancing configuration.

Both Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces can be configured as backhaul. The modular WAN approach provides an in-field upgrade path to future WAN technologies without the need to change hardware.

System Components

Features & Benefits

  • Bus Surveillance by IP-CCTV Camera
  • Broadband access via Wi-Fi access point
  • GPS based bus tracking system
  • Ticketing Interface
  • Voice announcement via Public Address System
  • RFID based Access Control System
  • Black Box systems interfaces
  • Supports 2G and 3G cellular WANs.
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi as backhaul

System Components