Physical Security

Effective physical security of any premises does not mean that it needs the protective measures of a fortress; but a risk-managed approach is essential. Shyam offers a unique approach by a holistic risk assessment process and clearly outlines threats, likelihood, vulnerability and impact. This facilitates more informed decisions to reduce risk based on actual, rather than perceived threat.


  • Life Cycle Management: Shyam ensures plans and methodologies to implement, upgrade or modernize security systems as needed to provide the best level of surveillance technology.
  • Knowledge Services: Sharing our expertise through consulting, professional services, or training. Knowledge Services gives access to all of the knowledge of Shyam, to build systems and solutions in partnership and profit.
  • Operational Services: System operation support and assistance to security managers, enabling to supplement the skills of their staffs with our expertise
  • Alarm Management: Giving a higher level of protection by providing professional handling of many types of alarm events, including alarm monitoring and rapid response to critical conditions
  • System Maintenance: Providing preventive and corrective maintenance measures, assuring that all of the standard routines for maintenance are completed as required.



Network Camera

Perimeter Protection

Surveillance Vehicle


Command & Control

Wireless Backhaul