Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicle

The Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicle (SMV) from Shyam is a unique, custom designed solution for law enforcement agencies, transport authorities, disaster management authorities, event management companies and private security companies. SMV is an easily deployable surveillance solution, targeted at monitoring tactical security operations and public events (sports, private, political). The solution consists of a mobile surveillance vehicle equipped with Shyam’s Wireless IP video surveillance products. IP cameras with wireless CPE’s are easy to install and can be deployed in a couple of hours. Live video is streamed from the cameras with wireless CPE’s to the vehicle through wireless Base Station and this video is used for recording in NVR, for on-site monitoring and, optionally, remote monitoring. The backhaul connectivity to the central command center is provided through 3G or wireless radio.

With Shyam’s megapixel HD cameras, authorities are able to monitor the entire location using high definition video in real time from a local or remote location simultaneously. Further, these cameras monitor, prevent, and track any suspicious activity. Video streams from the cameras are recorded in NVR for later use. The complete solution is scalable. Connectivity from the cameras is through the Radios or if required, via Ethernet.



  • Surveillance Camera (PTZ and Fixed)

    Surveillance at Public Gatherings

  • Pneumatic Telescopic Mast
  • Integrated Radio for Connectivity with Remote Cameras (1 to 6 GHz, any Frequency Band)
  • Wireless and 3G Backhaul for Remote Connectivity
  • Integrated GPS and Wireless Antenna
  • Satellite Connectivity (Optional)
  • NVR for Recording the Video & Images Coming from the Cameras
  • Live View Monitoring Displays
  • Power Backup

Covert Surveillance