Smart Cities : Concept

Cities around the world face a common dilemma: how to improve public safety while keeping budgets under control. Crime and many other threats to public safety and infrastructure are a constant in the world’s urban areas. Shyam brings a wide range of security and surveillance systems along with Wi-Fi based wireless connectivity. Based on the latest technology, Shyam’s solutions are easily expandable, combat various threats and make people feel safer. The biggest advantage from the administration point of view is that the entire security system, comprising of cameras, access control, and other sensor-based solutions are be monitored and controlled from a centralized location.

Smart Connectivity

Shyam’s Wi-Fi solution provides high capacity, seamless connectivity for municipal offices, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, buildings and other hotspots across the city. This wireless platform is used as a transport carrier for any kind of IP traffic in dense, urban areas.

Smart Surveillance

Shyam IP-based Video Surveillance solutions offer a cost-effective option for improving security. Video cameras are installed at all the important public places, markets, and other potentially threat targets. The network is easy to manage, since it is an IP based network. With this, live footage is immediately shared among police and other authorities for faster decision making. The cameras detect events and trigger alarms and messages to the control room and concerned authorities through messages and pop-up dialogs within the system.

Smart Tracking

GPS antennas are installed on public transit, municipal and law enforcement vehicles to track and monitor them in real time. The entire fleet is retrofitted with RFID tags. With RF readers installed in offices and stations, these tags help in recording attendance.

Smart Building

In-Building Coverage

Shyam’s in-building coverage solution is a very cost-effective alternative with faster rollout and easier maintenance. It ensures high quality indoor coverage and provides accessibility in all rooms and offices throughout the building. The system provides multiple services including voice, data, security and entertainment on a single neutral network enabling cost-effective and easily maintainable network infrastructure.

Video Surveillance

In-building surveillance in enterprise offices and residential complexes monitors all movement within the premises, controlling unauthorized access to the premises by triggering alarms and alerting security personnel. Advanced video analytics leads to intelligent video surveillance.

Safe City: Scenarios

Access Control

Bio-metric or RFID-based people tracking monitors employee presence in office buildings or corporate parks. In housing societies and residential complexes, RFID tags provide access control for the buildings and parking lots, enabling better security and management of the residential area. All visitors are issued an RFID tag. With this, it is easy to track their position and manage a visitors’ log.

Health Care

Shyam makes possible the efficient delivery of key medical services anytime, anywhere and thus helps boost the overall health of citizens within communities. The patients can visit and consult doctors from home. In healthcare centers, maintaining security and clinical records, providing authorized access to reports and images is done with state-of-the-art security and surveillance solutions. This new alternative healthcare delivery model offers greater convenience, better access, lower cost, and faster deployment to the point of care.

Smart School

Smart Education

The internet is the gateway to the future for children around the world. Wi-Fi connectivity in a campus area delivers new e-learning applications and provides 24/7 connectivity to the world through the internet. High quality IP-based Video Surveillance along with video analytics ensures security on the premises with real-time monitoring. With Shyam’s biometric solution, it is easier to track attendance and availability of students, staff, and faculty while on the school or college grounds.

Crises Management

Mobility is an essential requirement in the need to effectively respond to disasters of any nature, anywhere in the world. Shyam offers a mobile surveillance van solution, uniquely designed for emergency network restoration at incident site.

GSM PBX for Enterprises/Govt. Offices

Shyam offers a GSM-PBX system, deployed inside the building to provide coverage and capacity to in-building users. The product combines the whole BSS (BSC + BTS’s) and MSC functionality into a single box. The calls made between subscribers located within the same building are switched locally by the GSM-PBX without using any backhaul TDM resources; and the calls made to external numbers are routed to the existing core network infrastructure by the GSM-PBX. Shyam’s GSM-PBX integrates seamlessly with the existing macro network in terms of mobility, handovers, roaming, supplementary services, etc.. This product significantly reduces the operational costs of the BSS and provides many PBX-like features to enterprise customers. It is like having a wireless PBX in the enterprise environment instead of the fixed wire line PBX’s that exists today.