IVSS – Instant Video Surveillance System

The Shyam IVSS is a portable transceiver unit for team-based tactical surveillance operations. Often used by emergency teams for situation awareness, it simultaneously decodes and displays four separate digital video channels, allowing its operator to observe activities in eight different locations with the help of 8 High Definition Cameras or four views of single location. In addition to above 8 Cameras, it also has facility to connect 8 Remote Sensor Interfacing Units.

IVSS is loaded with Shyam’s Video Management Software for Display, Recording and Analytics of live feed and Shyam Sensor Management Platform for monitoring and analyzing other critical mission related information.  Information can also be sent via this unit to a Command Center and other field units.  Equipped with dual diversity antennae inputs, the IVSS ensures excellent video reception quality, while narrow bandwidth modulation offers unprecedented spectrum efficiency, increasing the system sensitivity and range.

Touch based display, joysticks and integrated Video, Audio and Sensor Data output provides an interactive COP (Common Operation Picture). IVSS is an innovative radio network for Video Audio and Telemetry communication. The system can combine up to 16 mobile sensor terminals in one network. Mobile control station allows receiving telemetry data, 8 video feeds and up to 8 sensor units simultaneously from any terminal in the network. Reverse channel is used to send control commands from control station to external devices connected to the mobile terminal e.g. unmanned vehicles or PTZ cameras. Reverse channel can also can be used to set audio communication from control station to any 16 terminals in the network

Features & Benefits

  • Turnkey system for fast deployment in field
  • Enhanced range and coverage ensures greater efficiency and performance in dense urban areas
  • Advanced display for use in bright daylight conditions.
  • User touch screen control interface
  • Secure encrypted IP streaming
  • Triple axis joystick for precise control of PTZ camera
  • Profiling for different types of deployment conditions
  • Simultaneous Video Stream display and recording
  • Suitable for operations of long duration.