IVSS Kit – Integrated Video Surveillance System Kit

IVSS-Kit is an advanced instantly deployable Video Surveillance Radio Network. The IVSS-Kit also has a real-time Video Analytics, allowing unattended monitoring and reconnaissance. IVSS Kit comes with four (4) Video sensory unit connected to the central control unit over wireless. Powered by rechargeable batteries, units can keep sending mission critical data continuously for long durations of operation.

Once the sensors are deployed, they transmit video and telemetry data to the Control Unit, allowing monitoring of four different locations simultaneously. The sensors are equipped with IR capability for low ambient light conditions.

System components readily fit into a rugged carrying case, facilitating easy transportation, deployment and operation. The IVSS KIT is extremely helpful for dense urban security operations and force protection with minimum human intervention.


  • Simultaneous monitoring of 4 wireless transmission units
  • IR based motion detection saves on power for long duration operations.
  • Advanced Video analytics capabilities support quick decision-making
  • Battery endurance for up to 8 hours of continuous monitoring
  • Recording and event logging with time stamp for evidential purposes
  • IP based secured encrypted streaming
  • Alarms in case of malfunction or attempt to sabotage