LIVES – Live Video Evidence System

The Shyam LIVES is a tactical video surveillance system that brings the power to capture and record the live video of every incidence occurring in front of law enforcement officer and field staff. Law enforcement authorities constantly face the challenge to recreate and recall the minute details of any critical events, mission and operation.

With LIVES, authorities can now have a clearer real time picture of the incident and visual content that can be presented to take instant decisions as well as to use as the evidence for administrators and other commanding / judicial officers, with the field officers’ very own visual perspective of Incident.

LIVES is designed to be easily mounted on helmet or shoulder so that it does not hamper normal functioning and capture the first person account of the event and incidence. Shyam LIVES provides its support throughout the incident lifecycle. LIVES devices are comfortably deployed as a part of a Field Officers’ suit and other devices and can capture video for durations of up to 8 hours. With a quick replacement of battery unit it is ready to be used again in just 15 mins.


  • High Definition (HD) head mounted camera, with built-in video encoding (H.264/MPEG4/ MJPEG) and storage option
  • Built-in speaker, microphone and touch based control
  • Rechargeable and user-replaceable long-life battery
  • On-Screen playback for more accurate report writing
  • Three modes of operation: Normal, Event and Privacy
  • Low light IR and color video
  • Supports multiple resolution options
  • Micro SD card –  up to 32 GB (SDHC)
  • Rugged unit design with an IP66 Camera
  • GPS Latitude, Longitude and Velocity burnt into video footage
  • Pre-Event Recording