Shyam Video analytics solutions are used for increasing the intelligence of video networks, enabling them to become powerful tools that can be harnessed in innovative ways to extract useful information. Shyam Video Analytics algorithms are unique software that can be applied on IP video and provide high level security solution. We have a very wide range of Video Analytics for different kind of requirements and applications.

These algorithms are engineered by a large R & D team with cutting edge technical skills & expertise. They ensure seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network.

Designed to work seamlessly with IP/CCTV camera products as a total security management system, these algorithms can be applied on live and recorded video images to deliver exceptional results.


  • Intrusion Detection: Multiple Intrusion Zones with single camera, Customizable directions, Automatic enhancement for bad light
  • Missing Object Detection: Detects any missing object from a particular location, Simple, user friendly GUI with effective monitoring in low light conditions
  • Wrong Direction Vehicle Detection: Detects vehicle moving in the wrong direction and Prevents accidents on roads by preventing wrong direction movement, Improves Traffic management of cities
  • Motion Detection: Detects motion occurring in a defined area and Motion detection based recording (Pre buffer & Post buffer)
  • Loitering Detection: Raises an alarm when a person remains in the camera scene for longer than a pre- configured time
  • Camera Tampering Alarm: Alerts when there is a change, if a camera field of view exceeds a set tolerance level
  • Crowd Detection: Raises an alarm when more than a defined number of people enter a scene within a preconfigured time, Multiple people move rapidly through a camera scene
  • Auto Tracking: A moving person/vehicle is detected, enabling a PTZ camera to then track the person/vehicle and record video automatically