Shyam’s Video Management Software is unique enterprise IP video security solution that provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. It is designed to work with CCTV products as a total security management system. It enables live and recorded video images of any site to be viewed at any time, from any location.

Shyam VMS is highly scalable, and provides the flexibility of starting small and expanding a security system as needed. Its Advanced Streaming Facility we can take unlimited number of streams simultaneously.


    • Auto Detection and Auto Enrollment: Automatically detects, network cameras present in the network and add them to receive Live feed.
    • Snapshot: Snapshot of Live view, recording and Video analytics
    • Bandwidth and Storage Management: Efficient bandwidth management and storage calculation of devices
    • User Management: User creation based on privileges like Administrator, Viewer or custom user with user defined privileges for better control over user access to system
    • Joystick Support: Joystick integration for easy control over Pan/Tilt/Zoom for cameras
    • Status: Consolidated camera status update for better control
    • Alerts: Real-time onscreen Alerts from various events like Video Analytics, camera tampering, recording memory full and many more
    • Motion Detection Based Recording: Configuration of Scheduled/Triggered recording for the cameras according to the user requirement to save disk space and network bandwidth. Moreover, configurable parameters for recordings like motion sensitivity level, multiple motion areas, no motion area and light conditions.
    • CPU Utilization: Very less CPU utilization compared to competition.
    • Screen Views: Predefined, Auto & Custom Views for enhanced user experience.
    • Sequencing: Camera sequencing for better use of given screen.
    • Playback: Playback client for searching and viewing recordings from storage servers and tape drives, based on camera name/date and different events generated by Video Analytics.
    • Trigger: Http Trigger listening for instant integration with third party devices like access Control, Door Limit Switch, Boom barrier and fire alarm.
    • Schedule: Scheduling of various tasks like camera View/ Recording/ Streaming/Archiving.
    • Archiving: Archiving of the old recording based on the preferences like destination of archived files (Another Disk/Network Share/FTP Server), deletion of old recording based upon disk space, number of days etc. set by user.

VMS: Live Video Feed from multiple cameras