Shyam Networks Secures Public Transport System and Unveils India’s Very Own “On Board Bus Surveillance Solution” for Public Transportation Sector



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Shyam Networks Secures Public Transport System and Unveils India’s Very Own “On Board Bus Surveillance Solution” for Public Transportation Sector 

Conceptualised and manufactured in India, this indigenous on board bus surveillance solution is set to impart a greater sense of security among the commuters and make bus journeys a safer experience.

Wednesday, 27th Feb, 2013 – Gurgaon, India – Keeping in mind the growing demand for on-location surveillance systems for buses, Gurgaon based Shyam Networks (a division of VNL) has announced the availability of its “On Board Bus Surveillance Solution”. Conceptualised, designed and manufactured at its facility in Gurgaon, India, this solution is perfect for Indian conditions and comes at a time when the public transportation sector is seriously looking at enhancing the security cover inside buses. The IP based On Board Bus Surveillance Solution helps transport authorities meet their surveillance goals effectively and ensures better safety for the passenger community.

Ideally suited to rugged Indian conditions, Shyam’s On Board Bus Surveillance Solution has been specially developed to meet the tough environment on board. The cameras and recorders are protected from dust, dirt, and water; they can withstand shock, vibrations and temperature fluctuations and can be monitored and managed remotely from a central command center.

Shyam’s On Board Bus Surveillance Solution is designed for quick and reliable installation, ensuring quality and full functionality at all times. Features include: Integrated protection against voltage spikes and active tampering alarm, which alerts security personnel if the cameras are tampered with.

“Shyam’s Bus Surveillance Solution is an integrated solution from video capturing hardware devices to transmission equipment and controlling software .The Video Management and Multiple Video Analytics algorithms can be applied on a single video thus enabling  post processing with in depth analysis of the situations .This is an ideal solution in today’s scenario where there is a need to enhance the security cover for public transportation segment,” explained Mrs. Anuradha Gupta, Vice President, VNL.

“If we look at today’s security needs, more and more organisations are looking at end to end solutions that give them true next generation surveillance capabilities. Our bus surveillance solution will go a long way in enabling better security cover within the buses,” explained, Mr. Akashdeep Singh, Chief Operating Officer – India, VNL.


Enhances Passenger Safety: Users of the bus system want to be confident that their mode of transportation is a safe one. Onboard video surveillance cameras give riders the assurance that the authorities are doing everything in their power to provide a high level of security.

Protects the Drivers: Bus drivers must put a lot of faith in their passengers acting appropriately. Unfortunately, one never knows what type of riders will step onto the bus on any given day. The presence of onboard security cameras acts as a deterrent  and helps investigation of unacceptable behaviour and aggressive outbursts directed towards drivers.

Enforces Rider Regulations: Bus rules and regulations are easier to enforce with a second set of eyes. Riders who know they’re under watch are more likely to follow rules, pay bus fares, and obey driver orders.

Prevents Theft: Onboard security cameras monitor bus activity, and act as a preventive measure against incidents of theft.

Deters Violence: The unpredictable nature of bus passengers throughout the day can at times lead to violent incidents. A surveillance system can help monitor this and keep it in check.

Crime Investigation: Footage from onboard security cameras can prove invaluable in criminal investigations of incidents taking place on the bus.


Access to high-quality video assists law enforcement authorities to find out what actually happened inside a bus. With Shyam’s IP Surveillance solution consisting of IP network cameras and ruggedized industrial PC/ control unit, the transportation segment is set to benefit from high image quality in both live and recorded video. These cameras provide the best image quality and compression methods to efficiently transfer and store video.

The video from the cameras is recorded locally on board and transferred to centralized storage when the buses are parked in the depot overnight. Designed for onboard bus surveillance, the Shyam Bus Surveillance Solution is built around Shyam’s IP network cameras. These cameras feature megapixel resolution for detailed imaging that makes it easy to accurately identify faces and other crucial details. Shyam’s Fixed Dome IP Cameras come with built-in 2-way audio which is supported by Power over Ethernet (PoE), ideal for mobile applications because it only requires a single network cable for full event-driven recording with audio and video.

About Shyam Networks (A Division of VNL)

Shyam Networks (a division of VNL) is a part of Shyam group, specializing in the design and manufacturing of sophisticated telecommunications, security and surveillance equipment since 1974. Shyam Networks is focused to provide high quality products and solutions in the field of security, surveillance and strategic communication networks, high-definition cameras and imaging, sophisticated video analytics, powerful radio backhaul and transmission, unattended ground sensors (UGS), situation awareness systems, secure GSM and Broadband solutions for sensitive military deployments, homeland security, and disaster management applications, along with a wide range of other industrial and civil applications. Shyam’s products and solutions have been deployed globally in over 57 countries. VNL makes the award-winning WorldGSM™ system, the solar powered turnkey GSM & broadband solution specifically made for rural areas with ARPUs of less than $2. WorldGSM™ is the first commercially viable GSM system that is independent of the power grid. It runs exclusively on solar power and requires no diesel generator backup.

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