Shyam’s unified radio systems and wireless networks are field-proven, highly effective communication ‘tools’ offering numerous operational capabilities that can be easily be ‘customized’ for almost any type of application or use, which is present in Broadband access systems.

In a time when wireless communication devices and choices are as abundant and diverse as the applications and customers they serve, radio systems and wireless networks can provide instant, reliable, and cost-effective communication in virtually any environment, anywhere.  Enterprises, governments, oil and gas industry, educational institutions and military organizations can gain control over their network applications, and eliminate leased line costs using Shyam’s powerful, versatile and reliable broadband access solutions.


  • Extension of Networks: There are some places where wired lines can’t reach. In this case an ISP can effectively connect these hard to reach spots with wireless utilizing wireless Point to Point and Point to Multipoint solution.
  • Redundant data links: For some companies internet connectivity is critical for business operations. Such companies often require additional/backup data links to the internet. For backup links wireless connectivity is very practical choice.
  • Last-mile dedicated access: Enabling service providers to reach new subscribers, regardless of location.


  • Shyam hosted connectivity and IP addressing options simplify network management operations
  • Carrier Grade Performance: With a high data rate, Shyam’s Carrier Grade Access Point ensures 24/7 connectivity with zero network downtime.
  • Sensible Business Case: The unit directly contributes to bottom line as it offers the most cost-effective way to provide high bandwidth.
  • Long range Scalable Capacity and future proof.
  • Very Simple Installation and Maintenance