Shyam’s Unified Network Management Platform enables operators to effortlessly manage their data networks. UNMP is a robust and scalable platform for configuring and monitoring of the IP based devices present in any enterprise or carrier grade network. UNMP automatically provisions the newly installed network elements, with the option of profiling and grouping based upon location and type. Any number of devices can be integrated with UNMP within no time. Apart from the central monitoring UNMP also supports core management of the network elements, thereby acting as an efficient EMS for all the SHYAM data products. Platform has full-fledged framework to monitor and log comprehensive report on performance of devices and services.

Shyam’s UNMP application is designed to provide a valuable support to DCN Radio Link management regardless of heterogeneity in DCN Configuration factors as mentioned above. UNMP non-intrusively sniffs and analyses DCN traffic and presents real-time, user-friendly information about:

  • Topology changes and auto-discovery of nodes with respect to the reference one (new nodes installation, disappeared links, etc.)
  • Monitoring, categorization and tracing of various alarms generated
  • DCN performance data (statistics for load assessment, bottleneck identification and error)


  • Real-time centralized monitoring of all IP-based devices
  • Centralized configuration of all IP-based devices
  • Scalability, small to large distributed monitoring
  • Automated creation of network topology map
  • Hierarchical notification system
  • Automatic discovery of network elements
  • Web based User Interface
  • Automated backup and data reconciliation
  • Support for both, Agent based and Agent less monitoring
  • Reporting and trending
  • Extendable Architecture
  • CORBA and SNMP based NBI

UNMP Event Management

UNMP Device Management