WBS 2000 – High Capacity Wireless Backhaul

Mobile Networks are evolving and require high capacity packet transmission networks between Control Nodes and the Base Stations. At the same time, the Carriers also need to support existing TDM based systems like GSM. Providing separate transmission for existing and evolving Mobile Networks is not cost effective. The WBS-2000 system can be used to connect existing TDM based systems and evolving Mobile Networks in a harmonized way by using it’s built in capabilities to simultaneously handle TDM and Packet Traffic with support for multiple traffic classes. In addition to that, the system can also transport Internet Traffic to the End Nodes. The WBS-2000 system helps operators in reducing Rollout and maintenance cost while providing service coverage in difficult terrains.

The WBS-2000 suite of wireless infrastructure solutions addresses the requirements of telecom and data communications providers, ISPs, government, and enterprise networks requiring high performance carrier grade point-to-point and/or point-to-multipoint wireless connectivity. The solution is highly scalable, reliable, flexible, economical, and easy to deploy.


  • High Throughput and Low Latency: WBS-2000 can deliver up to 200 Mbps per sector and a maximum of three sectors per base station unit (BSU). With a high capacity remote subscriber unit (RSU), each subscriber can be delivered up to 50 Mbps throughput.
  • Multi-Tier and Multi-Hop: The multi-tier architecture provides efficient last mile connectivity. Tier-1 provides long distance P2P links and Tier-2 provides short distance P2MP links between BSU and RSU. The multi-hop architecture helps in increasing the service area by reaching distant places.
  • Application-Aware Bandwidth Management: With support for multiple traffic classes, throughput requirements for real time applications is ensured on a per subscriber basis thus helping in implementing service level agreements.
  • Best in Class Performance: The WBS-2000 suite has the highest spectrum efficiency among available solutions, providing higher bits per hertz. With incorporation of advanced innovative interference handling techniques, superior throughput is ensured even in harsh conditions.
  • Multi-Band Operations: The WBS-2000 base stations and subscriber radio modules are available in multiple bands providing flexibility in operations.
  • Ease of Deployment: The system automatically detects upcoming node and assign required resources for the link. The system also supports link alignment with the help of audio signals.
  • Multi-Service Ready: The system can flexibly handle several traffic classes based on end user application requirements, e.g., realtime and non-realtime applications.