Radios and AP

Shyam’s portfolio of Radios and AP deliver a perfect solution for the Private Networks needed for offices, educational institutes, hotels and homes. The integration of indoor and outdoor solutions provides reliable high-speed campus-wide coverage, secure networks and improved data and information flow safety. Shyam’s radios can be used for connecting different locations and can be used for backhauling, while our APs can be used it make an area fully Wi-Fi weather it’s a office or home our solution fits in with every Scenario. Thus, enabling the extension of secure and ubiquitous wireless access to every corner. Not only our product is technologically upgraded but cost effective also which makes Shyam’s private network Product portfolio a complete end to end solution.


  • Optimized Transmission Cost: Control transmission cost by avoiding the need to use fiber and leased lines. Significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Rapid Deployment: This solution is provided as a Plug-and-Play solution for rapid deployment. Dismantling and redeployment of the unit is speedy as well.
  • Sensible Business Case: The unit directly contributes to bottom line as it offers the most cost-effective way to provide high bandwidth as well as network expansion.
  • Single Integrated Voice and Data Solution: Can connect routers via Ethernet to provide a Single Voice & Data Link for customers. The revenue generating potential for this application is immense.
  • License Exempt Frequency Options with Security: The 2.4 and 5.8 GHz solution is regulation friendly as it operates only in the license-free frequency bands with secure encryption that eliminate recurring leased line charges and regulatory delays.


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