Broadband & VoIP for Rural & Remote Communities

To sustain a continuous pace of economic growth and development, voice and broadband needs to be accessible seamlessly throughout the nation. Spreading voice and broadband beyond urban areas ensures the efficient delivery of basic communication, remote education, healthcare, and government services.

Amid emerging 3G/4G networks and advanced technologies like LTE/WIMAX taking the podium, Wi-Fi broadband still remains the low cost leader due to its massive footprint and universal presence on smart phones. Promotion and adoption of Wi-Fi broadband makes real sense for operators to ensure retention and cost-effective scaling in rural areas.

Shyam’s Rural Broadband and VoIP Solution enables an operator to deliver high speed data and voice communication cost-effectively with VoIP technology. It combines Wi-Fi and backhaul in a single unit. This platform deploys consistent, high-speed and secure wireless connections between multiple remote locations through high capacity Point-to-Point and Point to Multipoint links and provides a reliable and robust last mile transmission both voice and data using VoIP technology.


Solar Power Option

  • Very Low Complexity
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Distinctively for Rural Markets

  • License-exempt 2.4 o r 5.8 GHz Bands
  • All Weather: Ruggedized Outdoor Packing
  • Tower Mounted Electronics
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Integrated VoIP Technology

Low CAPEX and Near Zero OPEX

  • Centralized Management: Dramatically Low System Maintenance
  • Small Site Footprint
  • Incremental Growth: Low Entry Cost
  • Integrated Backhaul

Carrier Grade

  • Fault Tolerant, Reliable, Secure and Robust
  • Complete Remote Management
  • Long Range and High Net Throughput
  • Low Latency
  • Reliable Last Mile Access