Gurukul Village Internet Kiosk

The word ‘Gurukul’ originates from ancient India where it was a school or a place of learning for young pupils at the feet of their Master or Guru. Usually located far away from the noise of everyday life, the Gurukul was an experience of learning in the lap of nature.

In order to join the mainstream of development, villages – at remote locations far away from the city – must have the right connectivity. It is only then that the benefits of education, health, commerce, enterprise, administration and governance can be realized.

Gurukul from Shyam is the face of an end-to-end innovation in broadband connectivity optimized to meet the unique challenge of rural areas. It has multiple subsystems integrated as one service and runs entirely on solar power. It began as a project to find a solution for e-Education for primary schools in rural areas and gradually developed into a powerful one-stop solution for countless applications for bridging the digital divide.


  • Services for Students
    • e-Education System
    • Language Speaking Courses & Distance Learning
    • Online Education program and Online Tests
    • Employment News and Resume Posting

    Gurukul: Village Kiosk

  • Services for Farmers
    • Access to Government Schemes and Policies
    • Information of Ongoing Market Rates
    • Weather Information
  • Affordable Services For Rural Population
    • Posts and Telegraph at Minimal Cost
    • Online Recharge of Telephone Bill
    • Ticketing
    • Life supporting services for community
      • 24×7 Communication for Medical Emergencies
      • Online Health Education and Medical Support
  • Auxiliary Finance Services
    • Mini ATMs
    • Online Banking
    • Online Electricity Bill Payments

 Features & Benefits

  • Complete, solar-powered solution
  • Consumes ultra low power
  • Near zero maintenance
  • Smart engineered system is rugged, robust and self-contained
  • High bandwidth
  • Tamper-proof housing
  • State-of-the-art security features are built in
  • Simple to install and connect

Design Architecture