Rural Broadband

Developing countries need to spur economic activity, bridge the digital divide, enhance public safety and make public services less expensive and more efficient. In the present scenario, rural customers access Internet on dedicated dial-up lines with speeds as low as 56 Kbps. Rural broadband has the potential to connect rural users as efficiently as urban users. It can empower rural public welfare, safety, education & health departments to be more effective.

Faster access to the Internet can help bridge the digital divide between rural and urban communities. Faster access to information, connectivity to the outside world, simpler monetary transactions and entertainment is now available with ease. High speed internet is already a proven facilitator for urban web users.

Shyam’s Rural Broadband Solution is a totally solar powered & standalone wireless broadband solution which can be deployed to provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage anywhere. The solution is based on Shyam’s unique innovative product design which combines Wi-Fi and backhaul in a single unit. The Rural Broadband Solution needs no shelter, air conditioning, connection to the power grid, generator or diesel fuel. But it’s still fully-functional broadband, ready for business in days.


  • 802.11 b/g/n Compliant
  • Lowest CAPEX & Near Zero OPEX
    • No Equipment Footprint
    • Integrated Wireless Backhaul
    • Equipped with PoE Access Point
  • Designed Specifically for Rural Markets
    • Auto Configuration Plug-and-Play
    • Near Zero Maintenance
    • Easy Software Upgrades and Automatic Alerts.
  • Remotely Manageable by  Popular Standards
    • Using SNMP v1, v2c Support
    • Secure Access Control
    • Supports WPA/WPA2 Encryption
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Low Entry Cost
  • Scale Quickly with Demand
  • Affordable, reliable and robust carrier grade solution

Rural Broadband Architecture