Surveillance Networks

Only if a rational and effective surveillance network is established, the administrative and security departments can identify the problem, put forth countermeasures and give apt response with the help of the system proving scientific analysis means, post incident analysis and information. Shyam provides the capability of managing multiple sources through its reliable, cost effective and scalable surveillance network to enable centralized monitoring platform to create a common operation picture (COP) for better response mechanism.  This state-of-the-art integrated system delivers a variety of interfaces to seamlessly connect and enable interoperability among all government and commercial voice, video or data networks.

The Surveillance Networks are evolving and require high capacity and reliable packet transmission networks between Sensor Nodes and the Base Stations. Shyam’s wide range of wireless products can be used to connect existing TDM based systems and evolving Mobile Networks in a harmonized way by using it’ s built in capabilities to simultaneously handle TDM and Packet Traffic with support for multiple traffic classes. The wireless system helps in reducing Rollout and maintenance cost while providing service coverage in difficult terrains. The solution is highly scalable, reliable, flexible, economical, and easy to deploy.

 Features & Benefits

  • Reliable Connectivity for Video Streams
  • Public Safety
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Easy Deployment
  • Future Proof